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he felt for days a stranger to herself.R▓eginald had always been dear to her, bu?/p>

was firm; a▓nd in less than a


駎 she knew not, imagined not ▓how dear, until that never-to-be-forgotten ●eveni

week after his ag▓itated partin


ng; his words returned to her again and ●again, and sad, desponding as the●y wer



e, she would not have lost one of them.▓ She who had been so constantly active, f●litting like a spirit from one favourite em●ployment to another, now se


emed to live b●ut on one feeling; but her mind w▓as too well regulated to permit its unre▓strained indulgence.Young as she was,● dependent on herself al


one for guidance in thi▓s new and absorbing state of being, thrown in▓ quite a new position for luxury and wealt●h, as a cherished member of her ●uncle?/p>


痵 family, yet her character, inste●ad of deteriorating, matured, uniting all the▓ outward playfulness of the chi●ld with the inward graces of the woman.

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Lor●d Ennerdale’s domestic circl▓e formed a happy contrast to ●that of the ascetic Basil De Vere.His chi●ldren were all married except his elde▓st

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son, Lord St.Clair, and ●eldest daughter, Lady Emily; but the ties of fam▓ily had never been broken, and happy youth a▓nd blooming childhood were almo▓

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st always round the earl.With all ●these Annie was speedily a favourite; a▓nd easily susceptible of kindness and af●fection, Clair Abbey soon became ende●ared to her as home. By a▓ strange contradiction, Annie’s inter●est and affection were, however, ●excited the strongest towards the▓ only member of Lord Ennerdale’s family w

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▓ho retained reserve towards her.● What there was in Lady Emily St.Clair to ▓attract a young and lively girl, Annie her▓self might have found it difficult to defi●ne; for not only her appearance, b▓ut her manners were against her.Stiff, ▓cold, even severe, she usually▓ appeared; and when she would at tim▓es relax, and seem about